#1105 The Off The Chain Audition Episode with Jen Kirkman

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Friend and Comedian, Jen Kirkman joins this episode of The Long Shot Podcast to talk about alergies, her new book, and more. Plus Amber has bad luck, Joe feels sentimental towards a store, Jamie melts down (like chocolate at Joe’s store?), and Sean goes on auditions. And be sure to check out Jen’s new book, “I Know What I’m Doing” and get more information at www.jenkirkman.com


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Category: Podcasts, Season 11

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  1. Todd Mason says:

    The most trivial fact-supplying post ever on this board: The “BAM” as in where you should pre-order Jen Kirkman’s book is Books-A-Million, the awkwardly named second-largest bookstore chain in the US (since the Borders/Waldenbooks collapse)(and the Crown Books collapse before that; I think BAM has always been bigger than Tower Books was before that collapse).

    Kirkman solo on I SEEM FUN is good; Kirkman in a group like this is even better (particularly when not trying to convince us ghosts exist nor getting mad at me, in a distant way, for suggesting that THREE’S COMPANY the tv series was just as awful at it was, as she did in a previous LONG SHOT appearance). Better uninterrupted as here or as on PFT’s various podcasts or Jackie Kashian’s THE DORK FOREST than in the rigid segmentation of CHELSEA LATELY, as well. This was one of the best LONG SHOTs so far.

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