#1107 The Cat Eats Blood Bread Episode

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The Long Shot Podcast welcomes back Sam Varlea. Plus Jame is nakedly sweet, people say Joe did a good job, and Sean is down with the Spanglers.


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  1. Todd Mason says:

    Joe Wagner–I’d suggest not a few of us think of MAN OF STEEL (and WATCHMEN) as flawed, but not awful films…many of us, on the other hand, thought SUCKER PUNCH atrocious, and I might be among a minority who found 300 similarly bad. (Haven’t bothered with the 300 sequel.) BvS won’t get money from me yet…I suspect I’ll catch it on a premium home service. Glad it was a good view for you.

    Sam Varela has a wonderfully (and actually) sweet voice…atop being witty and a fine guest.

  2. Todd Mason says:

    A lot of the early-skyscraper native-nation ironworkers were trying to prove their manhood, hence the notion of fearlessness…which was condescending, at best, in not recognizing the bravery involved. And the lack of anything like OSHA rules.

  3. Ivan says:

    You guys are weird as fuck…make well with those demons my brothers

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