#1108 The People v. The Long Shot Podcast Episode

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Welcome back to the The Long Shot Popcorn, a weekly look into all things poped corn. This week, we share our favorite recipes, watch Jamie turn into a corporate shill, hear about Amber’s inch, how Joe became a pop diva, and find out if Sean is in a pickle.


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Category: Podcasts, Season 11

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  1. Dog Faced Boy says:

    Please, please, please go camping! I love it when you guys record the show from a different location.

  2. Ingrid Holst says:

    Ok ok ok, but WHY was Jamie invited to the children’s empowerment seminar? You all just took this in stride like, yeah, of course Jamie should be there!

    And Joe, I was just wondering what the point of my life was, then I realized it’s being a FAN of the Longshot, so thank you for the reminder. I’ll even send money some day I will!

  3. Joe Wagner says:

    Thanks, Ingrid. I’m considering your eventual contribution to be my nest egg. Phew. Everything’s gonna be fine.

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