Episode #506: The Crazy 8′s Episode

Thursday, April 19, 2012

 The Long Shot numerals discuss falling down stairs, kids on leashes, and PUZZLES PUZZLES PUZZLES!


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Category: Podcasts, Season 5

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  1. LA says:

    pssst, jamie, the feed worked today :-) thank you!

  2. Rob S. says:

    The answer to puzzle is Jamie needs some supervision for a bit. Now give my $8.00 because I spent that much to go see “The Spirit”. Someone owes me money for that.

  3. Jim Jim says:

    Sean losing it was hilarious. This episode is sure to become a cult classic

  4. Bill S. says:

    Cult Classic might be exactly the correct phrase. Loved it.

  5. admin says:

    I’m doing it! I’m really doing!!

  6. Sleepy Carl says:

    Can’t wait for that Natasha Leggero episode

  7. Beelzebud says:

    That silence after Sean snapped at Amber over her parting shot remark was painfully hilarious. Cult Classic, indeed.

  8. Kristin M says:

    The last 15 minutes or so of this episode had me laughing so hard on the way to class. You guys are too funny.

  9. Chris R says:

    The real answer to the puzzle (in a patented Jamie F. meandering, roundabout way).

    When I was growing up in the ’70s, I was a fan of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team and my favorite player was second baseman Joe Morgan. One of the things I remember about Morgan was this unusual “chicken flap” thing he did with his arm when he was at bat. Apparently he started doing this to remind him to keep his elbow high. This unconventional tic, was a reminder to him to stick to the proper batting fundamentals.

    While his batting stance had the unconventional component, it was part of a classic “elbow up” stance that some of the greatest hitters have employed. And Morgan had great success.

    The Longshot Podcast, also has some pretty unconventional components, but when you put them together it somehow forms a great comedy podcast.

    As a kid, I was such a fan of Morgan that I decided that his Cincinnati Reds number was my favorite number. And even though I quit following baseball years ago, I’ve always had a special affection for his number – 8.

    So the puzzle of your Crazy Eight’s episode is simple. With both #8 Joe Morgan and the Longshot Podcast; even though there may be some silly chicken flapping, the payoff comes when the ball sails over the left field fence.

  10. RM says:

    As lame and unprepared as Jamie and Amber may have been, Sean had even less to say about anything! He gets to hide behind his host role and distract everybody by getting mad at Jamie and Amber. I don’t mean for this comment to sound so serious but someone has to call Sean out on that! But I love all of you guys. TLS podcast is one of my top 3 favorite podcasts.

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