Episode #507: The Ba-Bum Ba-Bum Ba-Bum Ba-Bum Episode featuring Natasha Leggero

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Natasha Leggero (Chelsea Lately, Stand-up) joins The Long Shot heartbeats to discuss street-crossing animals, crab bakes, ruckus’ vs. tussles, forced standing ovations, and rap names.


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Category: Podcasts, Season 5

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  1. Beelzebud says:

    Great episode. I agree with Eddie about the South Park guys. I lost any respect I had for them, when they bragged about the military running the Saddam South Park episodes 24 hours a day to Saddam Hussein.

    While real artists like Nine Inch Nails were suing the government for using their art in that manner, the South Park dicks were totally fine with it, and thought it was hilarious. Not saying Hussein was a good guy at all, but there should be standards, and those nihilists obviously have none.

  2. Al says:

    Obviously Jamie ran over a shaggy dog

  3. Adam T says:

    According to UrbanDictionary(the most credible website on earth), Potch is Yiddish for spank. I learn something new every episode.

  4. PCPboy Jones says:

    I love listening to childless people complain about how other people are parenting their children. It would be like me complaining about the style in which comedians fake laughter at each others jokes.

  5. LA says:

    Hey, Jamie, I know what a potch is! When my daughter was little all I had to do was ask her if she needed a potch and she fell right in line. Jewish parenting at its finest… lol

    (ps – the episode downloaded via RSS AND the volume was good! yay!)

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