Episode #510: The Crunch Crunch Pop Episode featuring Paul Gilmartin

Friday, May 18, 2012

Paul Gilmartin (The Mental Illness Happy Hour) joins The Long Shot snappers n’ cracklers to discuss couch potato sexual harassment, big hat hobos, first aid no-nos, and an awkward phone conversation with Mr. Matt Besser.


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  1. RPE says:

    Jamie Flam is the worst! Please stop letting him talk! I end up shutting each episode off at least twice in anger before I eventually make it through because he’s so annoying in every possible way. This podcast has been going on for a while now and he’s yet to say one funny thing and he takes forever to say nothing. Plus he’s just a horrible person in every way.

    Can you please have an episode where you explain why he’s on the show? I feel like I missed that one. Is he blackmailing the other three?

  2. Derek Kaill says:

    I think Conroy does a good job at the helm, Kenny’s laughter is wonderfully infectious and Flam is also on the podcast.

    That said, I’d never have found The Long Shot if I hadn’t initially thought of it as the “Eddie Pepitone” podcast. Respectfully, nobody outside of the LA comedy scene has heard of the other three.

    I should say “had” heard of them. Because of Pepitone, I now know and love (or at least like/accept) the whole team!

    If Eddie had promoted the podcast as “The Long Shot with Mr. X, Mr. X, Ms. X and me!” I doubt I’d have bothered.

  3. admin says:



  4. Derek Kaill says:

    Jeepers RPE.

    I was just goofin’ on Jamie, in a style that, to me, felt acceptably L0ng Shotty. Conroy’s the one who’d got my goat (which, by the way, I’d eventually like back).

    Maybe you’re also just assing about, but if not, please apologize to him – he’s right here (LOOK!)

    Immaculate or not, Flam’s one hell of a guy in MY books.

    P.S: I’m a comic and would love to learn about different venues in the LA area, contact info for bookers, etc.

  5. Sean says:


    Thanks for listening!

    That said, I think you completely missed my point! But that’s okay. You’re not the only one. I won’t mention any names, but let’s just say a certain religious figure who is neither sour nor sweet nor salty comes to mind.

    In completely missing the point, I’m afraid you opened up a whole other container of worms. As I was reading your comment, that part where you said nobody outside of the LA comedy scene has ever heard of me felt like it was disrespectful, to the point of being insulting. What it sounded to me like you were saying was, “Nobody knows or cares who you are or what you are doing.” As a performer, as someone whose intention is to speak to the world and have people listen, how could I not feel disrespected by that?

    But then I re-read it, and I realized you had started that sentence with the word “respectfully.” It was almost like you were anticipating that I would react poorly to what you were saying, and so you had pre-empted that reaction. I was confused. I found myself in a quandary. How could someone writing so respectfully be saying anything disrespectful? It’s right at the beginning of the sentence- “respectfully.” That would seem to indicate that everything after that, in that sentence, was intended with respect. But then the rest of the sentence feels, to me, disrespectful. How can I reconcile a sentence that contains two opposite things as truths? I’m not sure, but I’ll keep trying.

    In the meantime, I will say that I think it’s very, very cool that you know everyone everywhere, AND who they have heard of.

    Disrespectfully, I’m delighted and grateful you’re listening. Please keep doing so. Thank you for your loving, liking, and/or acceptance.


  6. Sean says:

    Just wanted to add that I am responding to Derek’s first comment.

  7. Derek Kaill says:


    I did some further research and learned that, indeed, several people outside the LA comedy scene HAVE heard of all of you and had done prior to ever hearing The Long Shot. They send their best wishes and ask that you call when you’re next in town.

    I was exaggerating a probably-difficult-to-reasonably-argue-against point about the size of Eddie’s fan base and celebrity status (such as it is) when measured against yours (you, Jamie and Amber combined).

    I understand why it hurt, but I really didn’t mean to be disrespectful. In fairness, and recognizing there’s necessarily a lot of subjectivity here, I think you’re the second funniest on the podcast (haven’t seen any of you but Eddie onstage or tv/film, so I’m speaking exclusively about on the podcast).

    The “Flam is also on the podcast” and other bits of my comments are primarily attempts to be funny at professional comedians.

    I wouldn’t keep listening to every show if I didn’t enjoy the whole cast, each in a different way and to a different degree.

    As an aside: I used to promote pro wrestling and you look a LOT like, but sound NOTHING like, most of the fans with whom I made contact (stated with a moderate to moderate/high degree of respect).

  8. Derek Kaill says:

    Lemme just add that the “Respectfully” prior to an insulting (though not particularly disrespectful) statement is what Dom Irerra calls an “eraser phrase”.

    “I don’t mean this in a bad way, but – ” and “Don’t take this personally, but – ” are two of my favorites.

    You should ask people to keep comments to three paragraphs or less per comment and two comments maximum per podcast or you might run into problems with overzealous attention-seekers.

    I’m just saying…

  9. Al says:

    Hey kids! Check out Sean’s other podcast:


    “In this dense one man sketch show, comedian Sean Conroy (The Long Shot Podcast, ASSSSSCAT) shows off his character skills around loads of sound design and diverse sketches.”

  10. Sean says:

    @Derek Thanks. Yes. Point taken.

    @Al- you gorgeous imaginary fuck, take as many paragraphs as you want… I love you.

  11. Derek Kaill says:

    I’ve listened to the first episode of The Flabbergast.

    Going into it, I was extremely skeptical about a one-man, audio-only, sketch comedy podcast, but I’ll be dipped in rancid *something worse than what I can currently think of – I’ll say “butter” as a placeholder* if Conroy didn’t do a damned fine job of it.

    I’m tough to please when it comes to sketch comedy produced outside of the UK, but I’ll be listening to as many of these as Conroy makes.

    Alright. Here comes my “however” -

    I think you oughta have a guest performer (a different guy or gal every time), maybe every second or third episode – and/or maybe just on a portion of that week’s sketches.

  12. Beelzebud says:

    Respectfully, I think RPE is an asshole.

    Disrespectfully, I wouldn’t change a damned thing about the podcast, except deny it to those who don’t deserve it.

    This message will self destruct in 8 seconds.

  13. Derek Kaill says:

    Bee-Bee the Brown-Nosed Hell-Spawn
    Had a very smelly nose
    And if you ever criticize
    You’ll learn he’s the Long Shot’s ho!!

    Just goofin’ – I agree that RPE is a big meanie (although I also think he might be Conroy…)

  14. Beelzebud says:

    You are now trapped in my 8 second time warp, for eternity. Welcome to hell.

  15. Chris says:


    Whenever Jamie speaks, shove hot knitting needles into your eyes. The searing pain will distract you long enough until someone else speaks or you pass out. Everybody wins.

  16. Derek Kaill says:

    No big deal.

    I brought cheese snacks.

  17. admin says:

    Good call Chris! And then afterwards RPE can knit us a Long Shot quilt to keep us warm in the Winter!

  18. RPE says:

    Okay, I apologize – J Flam is obviously not a horrible person. I was being somewhat sarcastic there but I truly think he drags down the podcast, even though he gives the others something to make fun of, which is entertaining at times. It’s a talk/comedy show and the guy can’t string together a sentence withouht second guessing each word as he goes! And that Matt Besser thing was painful. He was being a huge dick, probably not even on purpose.

    I also think that Sean comes off as a genius when he does improv but his talents aren’t as evident on this show. He seems bitter most of the time. I’m looking forward to his new show – a one man sketch show seems like a very original idea, which is getting hard to come by in the podcast world.

    -The Real Bully

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