Episode #511: The I Don’t Want to Feel My Feelings Episode featuring Jen Kirkman

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jen Kirkman (Chelsea Lately, Drunk History) joins The Long Shot brain-numbers to discuss volume postcards, theme parties, Robin Williams, and Zen gardens.


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  1. Derek Kaill says:

    The word with which Holmes classically opened his statements to Watson was “Elementary”.

    Unless it wasn’t. Maybe it’s one of those “false quotes”, like those Hollywood ones I can’t be bothered to think of.

    I felt similarly to Eddie and his admiration for, then contact with, Robin Williams – when Eddie responded to an email of mine, then continued to keep in touch with me.

    Thanks to the internet, this sort of thing happens more often/easily. I’ve since been in contact (to varying degrees) with all the LoShoPos (I prefer the term “Lengthy Shooters”). Equally cool is that I’ve also been chatting with Matt Oswalt about Puddin’.

    It’s SUPER keen to be able to communicate with entertainers we enjoy, while they’re in the process of producing the work we enjoy.

    Thanks, and sorry for kissing ass to a degree that would make Beelzebud blush,

    P.S: Kirkman was funny.

  2. Todd Mason says:

    Sorry, Sean, if I mistook your mention of WH!! (they couldn’t punctuate correctly, either) for approbation, even very mild such.

    Amber, Jamie, Jen Kirkman–you are all about ten years or so younger than I, at least…you might’ve really dug WH!! and 3′S CO. as kids, and you might still (even if only nostalgically) still dig ‘em today. But they were dire. I really dug LAND OF THE LOST the series when I was a youngster, but it is dire (in a way that I’m sure even the film isn’t, though I’m making no effort to see the film…seeing the series again was sad enough). Much as the Irwin Allen series I dug as a kid (LOST IN SPACE the most, but also LAND OF THE GIANTS and the other two) are dire (particularly when they went over to leaden camp…the pilot of LOST was surprisingly good compared to the rest of the series, and a few of the first season episodes had effective moments I can still recall…but, on balance…dire…even if VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA was direly surreal at times…the Richard Basehart puppet muttering “Too bad….too bad…” as it dies sticks with me).

    The last several episodes have had you all in fine form…all this carping (even my own minor contribution, if it is) notwithstanding. Thanks for these, and of course I’m amused to be the proximal cause of augmenting the lunch money. (You can get a soda at our honor bar, or a bag of cookies or chips from our office vending machine, Jamie, for that extra quarter, if that helps make up for the calumny against two series full of tired sex jokes so broad and fat jokes so clumsy, to say nothing of whole episodes stopping even more dead so that an unimpressive dance might be appreciated by the other characters, that might be treasured memories…WH NOW!! certainly managed to be, I suspect, no worse than the original.)

  3. Al says:

    I was intrigued by Amber’s postcard story, as I received one of them! Considering I live some distance from LA, I can only surmise that the branch’s computer misidentified me as a white whale.

  4. Derek Kaill says:

    I couldn’t find a place to comment on the Flabbergast (Feral Audio) site, so I’ll do it here (hope that’s cool).

    Has there been a second episode yet? If so, how can I get it into my ears??

    Are you planning on one per month Sean, or what?

  5. Derek Kaill says:

    Never mind. Someone from Feral got back to me and said that, yes, you’re releasing one every month so we’ll get another in a couple weeks.

  6. Johnathan Bakes says:

    i love this episode :)

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