Episode #513: The Everyone Naked in a Sleeping Bag Episode featuring Jessica St. Clair

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jessica St. Clair (Bridesmaids, Best Friends Forever) joins The Long Shot campers to discuss bear attacks, enchanting hills, Super Nachos, and Fingerbang City.


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Category: Podcasts, Season 5

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  1. Clem says:

    No one loves Jessica St. Clair more than I do (okay, except for perhaps her immediate family), but I would be lying if I said that Eddie Pepitone’s presence was not missed on this episode.

  2. Derek Kaill says:

    I agree with Clem.

    It took me this long to do so because I’d never before aligned myself with someone named “Clem”. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t feel a bit icky, but I’ve decided it’s worth it!

    Clem+1 respectfully demand the return of Pepitone.

  3. Adam T. says:

    Agree with both of you. And I hope Jessica is brought back somewhere down the road for another episode in which Eddie is also present. Seems like it would be a riot.

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