Episode #601: The “Meet Me at 10 in the Dungeon” Episode featuring Kevin Allison and Joe Wagner

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kevin Allison (Risk! Podcast, The State) and Joe Wagner (The Midnight Show) join The Long Shot dungeon-masters to discuss Dance Camp (Level 1), orgy safety, and small plastic oxes on keyrings.


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  1. Emma says:

    Joe Wagner is back?? I’m practically shaking with excitement about this episode!!!

  2. Joe Wagner says:

    Hi Emma. It’s Joe Wagner. I’d like to hear more about this shaking.

  3. Stephen says:

    This is what I needed, thanks guys. I’m glad you opted for Joe as guest host. That should always happens, since he seems to know the podcast better than even you guys!

  4. Joe Wagner says:

    Hi Stephen. It’s Joe Wagner. You’re a good person. Much love.

  5. Derek Kaill says:

    Sure, Wagner’s keen, but it was Allison that intrigued the hell out of me today! He’s responsible for the most fascinating, disturbing and exciting podcast-listening I’ve ever enjoyed.

    I hope Amber knows I didn’t link her mom’s book to make fun. I did it ’cause I knew other fans would wanna see it too (and people less 40 year old and male* than myself will want to buy it).

    *Footnote: I just turned 40 today (fishing for HBs), but I’ve been male for literally decades.

  6. Michelle says:

    You had me at Jamie’s “grassy knoll” mentioned right at the intro, I knew it was going to be a winner. So happy to not have to wait months until the new season. Nice surprise for the fans!

    Having Joe Wagner on is always a good decision, he definitely fills the Eddie void but with his own special charm.

    Sean, you did an impression that sounded kinda Cosby-ish which was hilars.

    I could listen to Kevin Allison talk about his BDSM experiences for days. His manager is dead wrong about that.

  7. Joe Wagner says:

    Hey Derek. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I just turned 40 as well.) When does your menarche begin????

  8. Joe Wagner says:

    Michelle–you’re a sweetheart! Meet me in the dungeon at 10!

  9. Beelzebud says:

    I’m the guy that followed Joe on twitter after his first appearance, that DIDN’T un-follow him! ;)

    Great show Longshotters.

  10. Pat says:

    One of the BEST episodes in a while , Kevin Allison is fantastic and his story of kink camp on his own podcast Risk! is un real good.

  11. Joe Wagner says:

    Thanks, Beelzebud!!! Love your handle! *smooooke it, maaaaaaan, yeeeeeeeah…*

  12. Joe Wagner says:

    Hey Pat–I’m listening to it right now! You’re right about Kevin. Such great delivery. He definitely has that ability to modulate his voice when adding “shading” to whatever he’s talking about.

  13. Alex says:

    Joe Wagner is the George Martin of the LoShoPo. He should be Eddie’s official understudy cuz he is the only guest that can fill the Bitter Buddha void. Also, Kevin Allison’s story was so hilarious and fascinating, I could listen to that shit for hours.

  14. Joe Wagner says:

    Alex–I am so grateful for such praise. Filling the void is exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up.

  15. Al says:

    Congrats on joining a podcast network!

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