Episode #603: The Otter Shampoo Episode featuring Zach Woods

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zach Woods (The Office) join The Long Shot dam builders to discuss alienation, monkeys riding on jet-powered turtles, and quiet, morose barbers.


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  1. Derek Kaill says:

    Another great one!

    Can you folks recommend a good outlet for pod/vodcasts?

    We have a couple options, but I’d love to learn about some more if anyone knows of ‘em.

    Me and my pal Bob just recorded our first ever episode of “Bob & Derek”, and we want the world to see!

    Our guest was a real funny guy named Freddy Peppertoes, or something like that.

  2. Derek Kaill says:

    Cool loop of the “When the Levee Breaks” drum intro!

  3. Michelle says:

    Eddie’s “Beautiful Taco”. OMG.

  4. Al says:

    You guys forgot to mention The Flop House, my favorite bad movie podcast …


  5. Derek Kaill says:

    Here it is! Episode One of “Bob & Derek”, featuring EDDIE PEPITONE!


  6. Beelzebud says:

    Why does Eddie say that Jake Johannsan is “despicable”? I love Eddie but WTF was that all about?

    Last week he calls Bill Maher a right-wing libertarian (which he isn’t), and now Johannsan is “despicable”. Just seems weird to see him lash out at people for apparently no reason, or the wrong reasons.

  7. Al says:

    Well, Maher often claimed to be libertarian. But he was just trying to sound unique.

  8. Derek Kaill says:

    Maher is very clearly a libertarian. And libertarians are, necessarily, right wing.

    Intelligent young people fall in for libertarianism because it’s logic-based and it allows for an adult extension of the childhood philosophy: “You’re not the boss of ME! I can do whatever I want! Mine. Mine! MINE!!!”

    Most people grow out of it when they realize how incredibly selfish and devoid of compassion for others libertarianism is. Maher and, for example, Penn Gillette have not.

    No disrespect intended, Beelzey. If you listen to him on television and you’re familiar with the meaning of “libertarianism” in modern North America, you should know he’s one of ‘em (he evens defines himself as such – redundant as that is).

    OMG! LOOK:

  9. Beelzebud says:

    Maher supports universal health care, gun control, raising taxes on the rich, is a member of PETA, and donated a million dollars to an Obama superpac. That isn’t the actions of a libertarian in America. Penn Gillette and Maher are polar opposites on politics. The only thing they seem to agree on is the drug war.

    If Maher is a libertarian, he’s more in line with Chomsky style of left-wing libertarianism. They are very different things.

  10. Beelzebud says:


    That’s not the bio of a right-wing libertarian.

  11. Derek Kaill says:

    Did you read that link, Beelzebub? It very, very firmly supports my position (beginning with Maher defining himself as a “libertarian”).

    He supports the death penalty, he’s pro-war in the middle-east. He’s for the legalisation of gambling and prostitution. He’s FOR racial profiling in airports (didn’t know that one!).

    It would take effort to more succinctly describe a right wing libertarian in the U.S. today.

    PETA is irrelevant. People from both ends of the political spectrum support or decry them. If he stated that government money should support PETA, THAT would be anti-libertarian. Otherwise, it’s moot. Like saying he likes flowers.

    Anyone who thinks supporting Obama makes one politically left wing hasn’t been paying attention to (or is ignoring) Obama’s time in office.

    Chomsky has defined himself as a social democrat and as a socialist libertarian. If you think Bill Maher is a socialist… It’s better not to finish that sentence, as there’s no reason to be disrespectful here. Just listen more closely to the things he says.

    99% of the time, a libertarian has fiscally-VERY conservative, “small government”, right wing views (but are generally leftist on social issues). The other 1% (or less really – I’m rounding up) are Noam Chomsky and those among his followers who’ve heard him refer to himself as a libertarian socialist.

    Maybe you’re being sarcastic and I’m too slow to pick up on it.

  12. Beelzebud says:

    Yeah and in the next sentence it talks about how he now calls himself a progressive. The last time Maher referred to himself as a libertarian was nearly a decade ago. You’re cherry picking. For most people politics isn’t a binary thought process.

    I know exactly what the difference between a libertarian socialist, and an ‘american libertarian’ is. Maher isn’t a right-wing libertarian. How can you be for “small government” and support universal healthcare? You can’t. No libertarian supports those types of social programs.

    I like Eddie too, but he’s simply wrong about Maher. I’m not even going to get into calling Johannsan “despicable”.

    At any rate I’m done with this topic. You can think whatever you want.

  13. djwetmouse says:

    Is there sonething wrong with the RSS feed I haven’t gotten a new episode since 523?

  14. cfr says:

    Something is definitely wrong with the rss feed. I’ve been getting errors (in beyondpod) since the new season started. I just download it here instead

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