Episode #607: The Cucumber Episode

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Long Shot angiosperms discuss ADD OD,  insane upstairs neighbors, maniacal laughter, and hotties with rockin’ bods.



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  1. Derek Kaill says:

    Swell episode, Lengthy Shooters!

    OMG! It’s “The Bitter Buddha” Eddie Pepitone on a 15 minute, now-budget vodcast!




  2. Derek Kaill says:

    Sorry. That should be *low-budget

    And I wish this was called “The Sloat Thrit Episode”

  3. Todd Mason says:

    In the event no one looked it up, NEIGHBORS (well, NEIGHBOURS, in that Commonwealthy old-style manner of Uing it up) was an Australian soap…that got some play in Canada and less in the US, because Australians and Canadians are assumed to be able to handle “bad language” and nudity on their broadcast television, and we in the US are far too fragile for such things except for from time to time in the 1970s-1990s, and mostly on public stations.

    Yours, a blotty with a rocking-chair bod…

  4. Todd Mason says:

    (And it was indeed also a miserable film, NEIGHBORS, unrelated to the soap, John Belushi’s last completed one, with soundtrack music which was attempting to serve in lieu of a laugh track. Good cast, probably a decent source novel [haven't read it yet], absolutely nothing else to recommend it.) Even those among you (and Jen Kirkman) who for some reason recall THREE’S COMPANY fondly probably won’t or didn’t dig NEIGHBORS the film. “Who played ALF?” was probably the best Flam line of the episode.

  5. Adam T. says:

    Such a great episode. I hope Jamie gets away from these experimental drug phases. No good can come of it. No one refers to their speed addiction with hope and positivity. Just stick to pot, Flammy Davis, Jr.

    I was at the screening for The Bitter Buddha at the Austin Convention Center that Saturday, and it was a very…interesting experience. First off, that Convention Center is like an airport. I was wandering around endlessly looking for the terminal that was playing TBB. And then those fake nice Film Festival worker chicks were giving me a headache with their ironic hipster senses of humor and their fake quirky ways! Having said that I probably still would have done the blonde who introduced the film. Austin can be a cool place, but loves to think it’s more hip and unique than it is. There is a playful rivalry between Austin and San Antonio(where I’m from). Austin makes these “Keep Austin weird.” shirts as well as “Keep San Antonio lame.” While we have the “Keep Austin north.” rebuttal. The movie itself was very entertaining. Although I agree with Eddie in that it was probably not the best way to see a movie. Felt like I was watching a film in a community college class room. I expected there to be coffee and donuts in the back and an AA meeting to usher us out. Eddie is larger than life in person. So funny.

    The only reason I knew Neighbours was an Australian soap was because the untalented but pretty Natalie Imbruglia was briefly on it.

  6. Emma says:

    Yes Neighbours…. what a show, still kicking around after almost 30 years. However Todd, it would have been perfect for US audiences as it has never once featured bad language or nudity. Sex is referred to as “you know…” or by secretive nods gesturing towards the bedroom, its the most hilariously dated show on Australian TV at present.

    I think I enjoyed this ep more than any others this season. Could this be due to Jamie’s experimental drug phase? Don’t stop Jamie!


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