Episode #624: The Todd Glass v. The Long Shot Episode featuring Todd Glass

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Todd Glass (The Todd Glass Show) joins the The Long Shot defendants to discuss talking trees, aeroplanes, travel tipz n’ trickz, and Hungarian spice drawers.


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Category: Podcasts, Season 6

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  1. LA says:

    omg I love Todd Glass! This is going to be great episode!

    ps – I saw Sean on “Burning Love”!!! :-)

  2. Beelzebud says:


    Like the new site design, guys!

  3. JJ says:

    This episode was hysterical for the most part but sometimes extremely uncomfortable. I felt so awkward listening to it.

  4. Marin says:

    The hosts of my favorite two podcasts together in one place! I can’t fucking wait to listen to this.

  5. Earwig Earnie says:

    Not as great as usual.

  6. Dieter says:

    Klondike ?!

  7. admin says:


  8. Al says:

    Pendulum swings between hilarity and chaos!

    “You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.”

  9. kev r. says:

    jamies’ strongest performance to date! He was poised, and ready to strike. way to go man! you nailed it. maybe you should always show up late. no time to over think.

  10. Aviv says:

    I also love Todd, and I’m part of a crossover audience with the Todd Glass Show! By the way, hasn’t he been a guest on here already? I have a vague recollection he was already a guest.

    The LoShoPo should be honored to get an exclusive of Todd finally illuminating his life time mission to prove the past wasn’t better with a clear sentence. Although to be honest I can’t recall now what it was he said exactly, but to be fair I’m sleep deprived now.

  11. Waldo says:


  12. ray says:

    I agree with Todd. I’ve often thought it was weird to leave the guest out of the first segment.

  13. Adan says:

    I agree. Why not have the guest contribute to the checking in? We usually have to wait 30 mins before the guest is allowed to talk.

  14. Adan says:

    I always felt sorry for the guest having to wait so long.

  15. Adan says:

    ..and it felt like a waste just having them on for just 50% (sometimes less) of the show.
    (sorry for the many comments).

  16. Adan says:

    Funny how the reason is “This is our show and this is how we’ve always done it”. There’s nothing wrong with changing, improving, evolving.

  17. Sean says:

    THanks for all the input!!!

  18. sweetjimmyt says:

    Yo guys,
    Winner of the t-shirt design should get at least 10 shirts to pass out to their friends. That’s pretty standard when you’re asking for free work.

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