Episode #626: The 28″ Episode featuring Andrés du Bouchet

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Andrés du Bouchet (Conan) joins the The Long Shot rulers to discuss celebrity encounters, porn star hang time, bridal party deception, and shoving things in cars.


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Category: Podcasts, Season 6

Comments (7)


  1. cddb says:

    6 minutes in and Amber already used “hella” twice!

  2. Yo Yo Ma says:

    i heart the lamps! (lampy.) (is that how you spell that?) (is that a name?) (what is language?)

  3. Dieter says:


  4. Dieter says:


  5. Waldo says:

    30 minutes of checking in without the guest being allowed to talk? Todd Glass is rolling in his grave!

  6. Earwig Earnie says:

    If giant pizzas are what it takes for Jamie to feel like a big shot, maybe he should transition careers

    (I mean as long as he keeps up the LoShoPo, naturally)

  7. The Human says:

    Great, now I want Chinese food!

    Damn, Amber looks good.

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