Episode #627: The Inspirational Mailbag Episode

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Long Shot email getters read the mail that listeners to the podcast send in to be read on the podcast.  Again.


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  1. Jacob says:

    Long Shot,

    I just e-mailed you this but thought I would post it here as well.

    I just heard the mailbag episode and loved hearing my message read but thought you might like to know we are two different Jacob’s!

    I mean one Jacob (53:17) was left by their partner in the rain and had their sister check into a mental hospital and gave you guys a rave review. It was outstandingly powerful and emotionally resonated with me but was not me.

    Then me– an entirely different Jacob– (55:48) had his message read. We are two entirely different Jacob’s. You thought otherwise during the episode and presumably still do now!

    I thought I would quickly clear that up.

    Nonetheless, it was a thrill! Thank you for reading my message!


  2. Sean says:

    Sorry about that, Jacob (and Jacob!)- totally my fault. This is actually the first time I realized there was more than one Jacob anywhere. I just thought you looked and sounded different every time I saw you.

  3. Jacob says:

    Ha! Fair enough. No sweat. I appreciate the reply!

  4. Aviv says:

    Sean, in response to you saying in the parting shots that you don’t want to make a big deal out of the positive effect your podcast has on people, I’d like to encourage you to not feel bad about making a huge deal out of it, because there’s nothing more important in this world.

    This was a great episode! And it was put up on my birthday so that makes me happy. Thank you for telling Maria she’s not alone because she really isn’t.

  5. Al says:

    Ha Ha, that was great! BEST OPENING EVER.

  6. John says:

    Just listened to the mailbag ep. It’s astounding to me how the 4 of you affect (effect?) people, but not surprising. It’s like listening to 4 siblings bicker at the kitchen table. It feels like a family, in every positive way that can mean. And I will never tire of hearing Sean say ‘Goddamit Jaimie!” I hope you guys keep going for a long, long time.


  7. Waldo says:

    Klon. Fucking. Dike.

  8. Yo Yo Ma says:

    Maybe we should have a forum up in this ma’a fucka. I don’t know. I maybe also don’t know what a forum is. But I think this “eppy” taught us the LoShoPowWow has a lot of very sensitive, very chatty listeners much like meself. What? Wait. Yeah.

    Flam/Palin 2016!

  9. Dieter says:

    Awesome ep.: w/ the feelings and such …


    –> K L O N D I K E ! <–

    Flam/Palin 2016 : Ride the polar bear to the edge (of the iceberg)

    Iceberg salad that is …

  10. GD Kitty says:

    I love our LoShoPo family!

  11. call me ishmael says:

    Hi my fav podcast. My second fav is improv for humans and matt b announced a pregnancy- meaning his own. that’s an interesting topic and he’s always a 5 star guest. Just a thought. You always do a nice job of theme picking/guest picking so i’m sure you don’t need the help. I just always love when matts on and it does seem like from the mail bags that there’s fellow x-over listeners. Also, whenever you do have matt on could you please ask if running the UCB is a whirlwind? Just curious.

    Love the show and I really liked the warmth and sweetness of this mail bag installation.

    Sean – have you ever drank Pussers? It’s a type of rum that’s the British Navy’s original recipe dating back to Nelson. I was sipping this in the bath tub reading the Surgeon’s Mate and had a whale of a time.

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