Episode #630: The Söze Episode featuring John Ennis

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

John Ennis (Mr. Show) joins The Long Shot kaisers to to discuss Alpha-LGBT’s, Jesuit languages, passive aggressive parking situations, and sick-a-licious beef stews.






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  1. Jacob says:

    Listening to podcats ruled, this episode ruled, and one time (in a recent episode) I think y’all were wondering how many people there were; there are 315 million Americans and about 7 billion people. Cheers!

  2. Jacob says:

    Also, the new website layout rules. Also, Jamie rules.

  3. Leann says:

    I’m very happy to see the podcast is now getting major sponsorship! In my opinion, you guys have the funniest show out there. I have a bunch of comedy podcasts that I listen to throughout the week at work, and The Long Shot is my favorite. My coworkers know exactly what I’m listening to when they hear me laughing out loud alone in my office! Love you guys – keep it up!!

  4. TM says:

    Trust me, at the school where I work, is it not cool to be smart.

  5. Dieter says:

    (super)unrelatedToThisEpisodeWhichWasGreat :

    I had the weirdest dream last night (Klondike?)

    –> http://fffartonceaweek.tumblr.com/post/50654088808/i-had-the-weirdest-dream-last-night-a

    Klondike !

    xxx dieter

    (Sorry Jamie)

  6. Jo says:

    Also, Jacob rules.

  7. bastien says:

    Cute haircut, Amber! :)

  8. Johnathan Bakes says:

    Why is it called the SÖZE EPISODE?

  9. Emilio says:

    Nice one guys, loved that everyone took Spanish when you were at school, and about podcats, it’s fun, short, harmless, and it’s always nice to listen to you, no matter what’s the occasion or where, even at the funeral of an ex-classmate who killed himself in jail.

    @Johnathan Bakes: Jamie liked that name for his work nemesis, Randy, or M….. something.

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