Episode #639: The Slurpee Vs. Icee Episode featuring Johnny Pemberton

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

slurpeeJohnny Pemberton (Stand-up) joins The Long Shot imperials to discuss Florida State, asshole inmates, rotisserie hot dogs, and unlimited eggs.


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  1. ‘Gentlemen! This is a food court!’ – Jamie Flam

    Total classic.

  2. JOEY WAGS says:

    Good morning, Bumgardo! :|

  3. Rand says:

    What an absurdly awesome way to finish the episode, both with Johnny’s comments on life, and that full length song. Did Jamie make that?! Where could I find it???

  4. Todd Mason says:


    The Feral House guy blames Thomas Ligotti and his “nihilist essays” for nudging Nick Johnson over the edge, into shooting himself…Ligotti is a brilliant fiction-writer, one of the great legatees of H.P. Lovecraft’s innovations but, like such others as Robert Bloch (most famous for writing PSYCHO) and Fritz Leiber (most famous, probably, for his fantasy fiction, but his horror novel CONJURE WIFE has been filmed three times, best as NIGHT OF THE EAGLE, released as BURN, WITCH, BURN! in the US, and most recently in a loose comedy version with Teri Garr, Ligotti just write so much better than the intentionally fussy and windy Lovecraft did. Said Feral House guy also mentions going with Johnson to catch the film THE MASTER, which I suspect did more than Ligotti, quite funny at times in his fiction, ever did to nudge a depressed man toward offing himself.

    I think Amber was referring to Strindberg’s THE GHOST SONATA.

    So, an all-horror comment to complement the downer episode…

  5. Todd Mason says:

    Ligotti writes so much better than Lovecraft, that should read…Ligotti writes much better than bad typists, too.

  6. Jacob says:

    I do not have a Twitter account to tell him but one thing’s for sure: Sean’s stand-up album is hysterically funny!

  7. Germ says:

    Nice face Amber teehee

  8. Albert C. Hall says:

    Do you all know about the Slush Puppie? In my opinion, it is superior to both the Icee and the Slurpee.

    And, in my research, I found that Slush Puppie is a division of the Icee Company! The world of non-alcoholic frozen beverages is smaller than I thought.

    Anyway, I love The Long Shot so much! I can’t wait to hear your album, Sean! Thanks for the laughs, guys! Have a great week!

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