Episode #640: The Mercury in Retrograde Episode featuring Jane Becker

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

mercuryJane Becker (Writer/Comedian) joins The Long Shot planets to discuss turkey hands and a bunch of deep shit.


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  1. Yo Yo Ma says:

    “I used to be a vegan. And I was a codependent then, too.” AK speakin tha truth.

  2. Captain Alex says:

    that break music is pretty awesome bravo Jamie.

  3. Rob S. says:

    Compared to some people Jamie is a regular Don Juan.

  4. bastien says:

    PTSD isn’t just something that only happens to war veterans, it can happen to anyone who has had any kind of traumatic experience.

    I was mugged some years back and as a result I often get nervous, or even scared, when walking down the street. Scenes of violent fighting, or beatings in TV/film can give me anxiety and have caused at least one panic attack.

    But it doesn’t even have to be something violent. I had a friend who can’t taste or smell oranges without becoming nauseous because doctors overdosed her with orange-flavored anesthesia when she was a child.

    It’s pretty clear that what Jane experienced with marijuana *was* PTSD, even if she doesn’t quite understand what PTSD is. It’s right in the name: post-traumatic stress. To have that adverse a reaction to seeing/smelling marijuana points very obviously towards it being post-traumatic stress.

  5. khd says:

    what was the outro song?

  6. GD Kitty says:

    I echo congrats on the music, Jamie! It’s always great, but particularly cool this past episode.

    I love Jane…big hugs her way! I have OCD, too, which really sucks. It helps with life in research/science, but really gets in the way of daily life. I had some pretty terribly counsellors early on, but have recently given it another shot and wish I’d been seeing this one all along.

    Love you all,

  7. Davio says:

    I have the same question as khd. What was that hypnotic outro song? I need someone’s flamtastic fact checking skillz.

    (this was one of my favorite episodes)

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