Episode #720: The Man With Much Episode featuring Ben Gleib

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Episode-720Ben Gleib (Chelsea Lately, The Last Week On Earth) joins The Long Shot gang to discuss biting, punching, Indian good luck charms, and Arizona deposits.


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  1. Joey Wags says:

    Everyone who comments after this one is a loser. #firsties

  2. Corn Cobb says:

    #1 Loser

  3. GD Kitty says:

    Do you want to take this outside, brother Wags? ;)

  4. The New Guy says:

    Actually, I listened to this episode last night because I work a swing shift and I was gonna leave the first comment, but I didn’t want to send the message boards into an uproar, so I LET you have this one Jo…so I know he ain’t talkin bout me!! Oh ya, and I just bought some Matthew Broder-Bricks to go with my son’s Lincoln Logs, now we are building some sweeeet ass buildings. Longshot Rules and remember folks,if you ever have a seven day limp, count your losses, and become a seven day pimp!!! Thank you gnite!!!!

  5. The New Guy says:

    Oh ya, yo Sean, I got a call from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. They told me to tell you that since you left New York, your “N Word Liscence for Non-Colored Peoples” has expired. They say you gotta go back and renew that shit or you are gonna start getting fined…..that’s just what they told me man…..don’t shoot the messenger….Call Back Brotha Wags!!! See how I swagged that up….that’s what black people do….your welcome Jo!

  6. Corn Cobb says:

    I joined the wrestling team in 8th grade. One day at practice while we were jogging around the track, a ninth grader I was jogging behind stopped and punched me in the gut, knocking the wind out of me. Back in the gym he told me I was irritating and that I needed to stop trying to be funny etc.
    Up to that point I thought everybody, including him, pretty much liked me and thought I was hilarious. I quit the team soon after that. A few of the guys kept asking why I quit and I’d always say I was playing basketball on a county rec team. But I think they suspected it was the sucker-punch.
    I was pretty funny back then.

  7. Jo says:

    Hey Jamie,

    For the checking in for your next LoShoPo can you explain the Logan’s Pasta Restaurant videos?

    Weird and creepy, dude, especially the bit at the end! :)





  8. Dave Jones says:

    Excellent show, I really enjoyed this one.

  9. bastien says:

    I love the show, but I feel like every time Jamie is taking his turns, the same irritating thing happens.

    Sean complains that Jamie is being too vague, so Jamie starts giving more specifics. Then Sean yells at Jamie to get to the point, causing Jamie to skip around and be vague again. So then Sean complains that Jamie’s story was pointless and had no substance.

    So Sean wants Jamie to be specific, while at the same time to hurry up and get to the point, but to have more to the story, contradicting himself repeatedly. I wish he would just let Jamie tell the story, and let us decide if we liked the story after it’s been told instead of making Jamie continuously have to re-craft it in the middle of telling it.

    I feel like if it’s good story, it will be a good story. But if it’s not, then the hassling just draws it out even more and makes Jamie nervous and less willing to share. And since the point of the podcast is sharing, what good does it do to make someone not want to share?

  10. Jo says:


    I completely agree with you.

    I feel that Jamie feels a little intimidated by Sean. It’s like he’s waiting to be yelled at when he’s talking.

    Jamie showed that he could actually form coherent sentences when Sean wasn’t around…

    (Not dogpiling on Sean…)

    Seriously, I WANT TO KNOW WTF is it with those Logan’s Pasta Restaurant videos. Creepeh!

  11. B Dealio says:

    HILARIOUS episode. You guys still got it.

  12. Dieter says:

    Commenting is fun !

  13. LS Fan says:

    Where is this week’s episode? Disappointing.

  14. The New Guy says:


  15. Dieter says:

    It WANTS a new episode.

    (It’s angry)

  16. Corn Cobb says:

    Is it Dieter like “Deeter” or like someone who watches what they eat?

  17. The New Guy says:

    Ok LoShoPo fans, since we don’t have a new episode to listen to, I say we all just do a fan version of checking in since it’s been a week since we all commented together. I know I’m the New Guy, but I’ll start off. I am an engineering technician, and I spend a lot of my time listening to podcasts while I do my work. When I first started listening to podcasts, I started with Comedy Bing Bong, then Improv4Jewmans I mean Improv4humans, and then I abandoned all for the LoShoPo. On Wednesday, I listened to an old I4H episode because I have listened to all of my LoShoPo episodes like 4 times over, and the I4H episode I picked had Sean Conroy in it. So I turn on the podcast, and for maybe like the first 15 minutes, it’s just Matty B and Paul Oxidation(Aka Paul Rust), and I started feeling uneasy like, where is Conroy in the episode??? Was this perhaps a type o, and this was a Conroy-less episode??? I pulled my iPhone put of my pocket to pick something else, when suddenly Matty B exclaims “oh Sean just showed up!” And he gave Sean like a 5 second breakdown of the scene they were in and then Conroy just jumped right into the bit. It was at this moment that I thought about what Graham and Chris talked about with their earbuds documentary. Through this podcast, I have developed a relationship (one sided as it may be)and a familiarity with Sean and the other LoShoPo members, so much so that I almost had an anxiety attack during a damn podcast until I heard that sweet sweet baritone nectur that is Sean Conroys voice. Crazy times!!! Ok whoever wants to try…G’head!!!

  18. Dieter says:

    like Peter

  19. Jacob says:

    It’s worth mentioning Conroy and the gang kill it in the story-telling department here. Also, hilarity 100% ensued. Also, good lord… Sean and Amber and Jamie have been through a lot!! Impressive.

  20. Waldo says:

    Ben was a great guest. Very funny guy.

  21. Waldo says:

    I would also like to say the image for this episode is hilarious and perfectly fits the title!

  22. Dieter says:

    boom ! (just because …)

  23. Waldo says:

    I’m gonna make a fire. Does anyone have marshmallows?

  24. Corn Cobb says:

    Checking In:
    My wife finagled me into giving up podcasts for Lent, but I still push the refresh button on my podcast page about thirty times a day to see if LoShoPo, or The Bugle, or the Jimmy Dore Show, or Comedy Bang Bang or Dave Feldman Show or the Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project have dropped any new ‘sodes. U Talkin’ u2 to Me? is a good new podcast, I think. I’ve only been able to listen to the first episode but now four are up.

    Parting Shot:
    I’ve been keeping sane at work by listening to a lot of the Smiths and some Beastie Boys, Neil Young, and Red House Painters.
    In case anybody was interested.

  25. The New Guy says:

    Yaaaaaaaa @ Corn Cobb, thanks for not leavin me hangin on the checking in!!! I love LoShoPo fans y’all are fuckin awesome. I feel you though, I’ve dipped into my Sade collection whilst I wait for more Longshot Episodes…..she’s a Smooth Operator dammit

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