Episode #813: The Fading Pepto-Bismol Pink Episode featuring Andy Peters

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Episode813Andy Peters (Exclamation Point Question Mark) joins The Long Shot gang to discuss the circus, 1991, and afternoon pukers.


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  1. Corn Cobb says:


    Collar Bones by North Highlands

    Thanks Jamie

  2. Albert C. Hall says:

    Why did Patton Oswalt bust in around the hour mark? It scared the hell outta me! Haha

  3. Jacob says:

    This a good un’! Solid ep.

    Congrats on completing the marathon, Amber! Good going, bro!

    A Stranger on the Internet/Comedy Fan/Podcast Fan

  4. Kurt says:

    I think Jamie would be a responsible, generous, supportive and kind dad, but what if he had a baby with an artistic temperament? Maybe Jamie should be Sean’s dad for a week, and Sean could feel loved and Jamie could be prepared, and Jamie and Sean could make a pilot and make a million bucks and maybe Amber could be Sean’s smaller, well-adjusted twin, like in Twins, but neither of you is the short-end-of-the-stick twin? Anyway, Jamie would make a good dad, in my opinion.

  5. LoShoPo Trivia:

    The Circus was the topic of episode #304 featuring Janet Varney.

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