The Longshot T-Shirt Design Contest!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hey LoShoPo-ers, we’re getting close to finally having Longshot Podcast T-shirts, the only thing we need now is a design. THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN! We are asking you, our loyal listeners, to design the first LoShoPo T-shirt! It can be anything from a take on our current logo to something inspired by a memorable quote (Welcome to Taco Island, Frenching Kit, High in the Hollywood Hills, etc). This shirt is for you so we want you guys to have a say in what it is!

And aside from being rewarded with the immense street cred that comes from helping us finally make Longshot Podcast T-shirts available, the winning designer will also win:

- A free shirt with their design
– Credit for designing the shirt on our website and merch site
– A special shout out on the show/website/facebook/twitter/merch page
– And if you can get to LA you can come to a live taping of the Longshot Podcast!

While you’re probably already thinking of a bunch of awesome designs, there are a few rules:

- The design must be black and white, no color
– Must fit on the front side of a t-shirt
- Dimensions: 11inches by 12inches, 300dpi prefered
- The Longshot Podcast will have the right to use the winning design for any and all merch

Designs can be submitted by emailing a .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .pdf to by 4/15. The LoShoPo team will then choose a winning design and announce it on the show! Just remember, this isn’t a “Jamie T-shirt Contest” or “Amber T-shirt Contest,” this should be a shirt that represents the whole LoShoPo team and that every listener would be proud to wear. We’re really exciting to see what you guys come up with, and especially excited to see what parts of the show inspire you!

UPDATE: THE T-SHIRT CONTEST HAS BEEN DECIDED! Thank you to all of our fans for some really amazing an hilarious designs. Tune in THIS WEDNESDAY 5/15 to find out the winning T-shirt design and where you can order your new/first official LoShoPo shirts!

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Comments (5)


  1. Scott Waterhouse says:

    Does “the whole LoShoPo team” still include Eddie?


  2. Camillo says:

    I want you use photographs, one for each of you. Do you have aqny preferences?

  3. Camillo says:

    Typos, sorry.
    I want to use photographs, one for each of you. Do you have any preferences?

  4. Sean says:

    Thank you both for asking.

    Yes, Scott, still Eddie. Definitely.

    And Camillo, take your pic. Pick. I feel like the fun of it for us is finding out what you think is representative. The fun, or… the horror.

  5. Chris S says:

    I’m guessing this wold have already happened if it were a possibility, but I’d love love LOVE for you guys to release the “Disagree” shirts that some fan made for the team as official LoShoPo shirts! Been coveting one of those since I first saw ‘em.

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