Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Long Shot is a podcast.  It features four three comedians (Eddie Pepitone, Sean Conroy, Jamie Flam, and Amber Kenny) of varying ages and backgrounds discussing their struggles through the general terrors of everyday life. There are also special guests, sketches, and original songs!



Sean Conroy is a Stand-Up Comic who has been featured on Comedy Central and Late Night with Conan O’Brien, as well as events like the Sasquatch Music Festival in Gorge, Washington, the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee, and the Traverse City, Michigan Comedy Arts Festival.  His one -man show “Taught” went to the HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen, Colorado. As an Improvisor, Sean is part of “The Swarm”, the famed Upright Citizens Brigade improv group, and he is also a regular performer in the ASSSSCAT shows at the UCB Theater. Sean has also written for Spike TV, Comedy Central, MTV, TNT, UPN, CBS, and NBC.  Twitter: @seanconroy 


Jamie Flam is a comedy writer, producer, and performer and currently the Artistic Director at The Holllywood Improv.  His work has been featured on Comedy Central, Hulu, and NPR.

Check out jamieflam.com for the more “intimate” details.  Twitter: @jamieflam


Amber Kenny is a writer and performer based out of Los Angeles. She does stand-up and dances in comedy dance troupe Liquid Feet.

Fun fact: She is also a girl.  Twitter: @amber_kenny

Jorge Reyes is The Long Shot Podcast recording engineer.  Every week he brings his fancy equipment and positive disposition to our hideaway in the hills.  Sometimes when things get especially awkward during recordings, he is forced to hide and wait until the moment passes. Twitter: @ticosaxaudio

Alex is the legendary voice of reason and fact checking behind the scenes of the Longshot Podcast. Twitter: @lxgnzlz



All Things Comedy is the comedy podcast collective that has acknowledged the brillance of the Longshot Podcast and invited us to be a part of their great podcast family. Check out all the other awesome shows in the family at allthingscomedy.comTwitter: @AllThingsComedy


Blue Collar Distro are the sweet people that make our T-shirts! Help support the show and get some merch all at the same time! Twitter: @bcdistro

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