Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Comments (6)


  1. Kris Vitale says:

    I cant believe I found your podcast with so much shit out there it is hard to find the good ones. I’m kind of mad at pepitone I hear him on other podcast (WTF, sklarbro country) and he says nothing about this great podcast.
    But anyway, I love the cast great chemistry, Eddie I love him that crazy energy and the shit he thinks up is so great, Sean Conroy is great and keeps the podcast on track, amber is just a sweet breath of fresh air, and Jamie is great love the web site.
    I kind of found my self just picking the podcast with my fav. guest on but you guys are what make it worth wail really
    I’m a truck driver and your podcast keeps me sane out wail on them long runs. So keep up the good work…

  2. YouGoChavez says:

    Wondering if that last tension filled topic spelled doom for this podcast. Will you be back or is this project kaput? If it’s a goner, I will be disappointed, I had lots of laughs listening to your podcasts, and thanks for that. YouGo.

  3. RevAaron says:

    @Kris I agree completely! I listen to a few great podcasts where Eddie makes a regular appearance- namely, the Jimmy Dore Show, Comedy and Everything Else, and the David Feldman Show. I can’t believe I’ve never heard Eddie plug the LoShoPo! I’ve heard people ask Eddie if he had anything to plug and he usually says something about maybe playing a show but he can’t remember. BAH! :D

    I only found out about the LoShoPo tangentially. Eddie was plugging The Bitter Buddha on one of those shows. I ended up looking it up and somehow came across this fine program. Wish I was listening to it all of this time- the feed only goes back 50 episodes, and it tears me up knowing I’ve missed out on so much funny.

    Thanks all!

  4. Al from Wales says:

    Last night I saw Eddie at the Fringe in Edinburgh and he was fantastic and what a lovely guy too! I love the podcast and knew I’d be in for a treat at the show.

    Thanks for the funnies guys!

    Al from Wales

  5. Eric says:

    The email link does nothing.

  6. Gabe says:

    neither do the goggles

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