#11.38 The Mailbag, As Is Our Wont Episode

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We read your emails! Plus, Amber makes a purchase, Joe makes it work, Sean makes an impression, and Jamie makes a murder.



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  1. Eben says:

    Always love a good mailbag, and I’m partial to your longer episodes. I do wonder about reading those emails that make you feel bad, Sean. It doesn’t matter how many episodes someone has listened to. If they’ve never met you, they don’t know you, period.

  2. Hi Eben!

    I was also surprised that Sean was so determined to read my email, that made him feel bad.

    It… pained me deeply that it made him feel bad. That was not the intention. Being critical wasn’t the larger message. But is what he heard, and I can sort of see why. I can see where I screwed up.

    I agree, I don’t truly know the real Sean. Just a version; based on a podcast performance, combined with my own projections. Joe pointed that out really eloquently.

    I wrote a clarification, and apology, and posted it in the Lo Sho Po FB group. You can see it if you visit the group. (I think you can read things w/o joining–just have to join to post, comment. I think.)

    It’s kind, I think, that strangers, who just listen to the podcast, (like you and me) care about Sean feeling bad. I hope to do a better job, next time. (Not the next time I write to the Lo Sho Po–just–in life.) Not overstep my bounds. Make sure the person I’m praising, admiring, expressing love for–feels praised, admired, loved. Not criticized!

    Sincerely & with Kindness–

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