#12.09 The Long Shot Long Take Episode

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sean can’t sleep, Amber can’t decide, and Joe can’t put back together the pieces of his broken heart… plus movies!


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Category: Podcasts, Season 12

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  1. My neighbors have complained several times about me listening to loshopo between midnight and 7am. To be fair I am plugging my phone into my guitar amp because I lost my head phones, and it’s pretty loud.

  2. reno california1 says:

    Sunday, after church, I will watch the film that Amber is in. This episode is quite good. The wit is very sharp and quick. I miss me some Jamie Flam though.

  3. Jamie you’re not fooling anyone with that “reno california1″ name. Oh shit.. am I Jamie? Oh crap I’m using the internet drunk again. I have to go.

  4. jamie connoisseur(required) says:

    actually i am jamie

  5. reno california1 says:

    I wish I was Jamie Flam.

  6. The real Jamie is amongst us. Thanks for the shout out Jamie. I sent one wink to you sir. You have a would brother all the way up in Sacramento (ew… I know). Sean will you be my dad? Xo Joe and Amber.

  7. *Soul brother. Shit. I fucked it up. :(

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