#1103 The Success Story Episode

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


This podcast is a safe place… plus find out why Joe is going to church, why Amber is looking for a bathroom, why Sean writes a script, and why Jamie prefers female salads. #WCOPY


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  1. its a shame that Sean doesn’t remember what he says on the LoShoPo. its so honest and funny. #BonsOrBunz

  2. khd says:

    thanks for the clarifiation on the jorge sitch (situation) ((sorry)). he made you sound good from the beginning but it’s cool if you can do it yrselves.

    return guests i’d like to see (fuckers):

    jen kirkman
    todd levin (charcoal pencils!!!)
    jason nash
    tig notaro
    matt besser
    ian roberts
    kyle kinane
    james adomian
    seth morris
    mary holland
    andy secunda
    alec sulkin
    david feldman
    chris fairbanks
    emily maya mills
    dan harmon
    brent weinbach
    eddie pepperdine

    there, i just gave you season 11

  3. Dave Davies says:

    Was Sean’s “poorly educated” comment at the end of the show related to that weird cut in the show? And for the record, as a person who was trailer park child, white trash Christmas is just as good as regular Christmas.

  4. Germ says:

    Joe should be high instead of drunk during episodes, I think he’d be in a more suitable state of mind

  5. Joe Wagner says:

    I was not drunk for this episode. However, I did consume a Four Loko for the upcoming Jen Kirkman ep. Whoops! Spoiler-Alert! #WCOPY

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