Episode #1003: The Name Episode featuring Lesley Tsina

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Episode1003Lesley Tsina (The Devastator) joins the LoShoPo crew to discuss names, and pizza, and other junk!


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  1. Zella Gillespie says:

    Jamie, you need to lay off the pot. It’s making you dumb(er).

  2. Joe Wagner says:

    I like me.

  3. Sean Conroy's Ponytail says:

    I don’t know why Scene is always so reluctant to acknowledge me. It hurts my feelings sometimes.

  4. it’s okay ponytail. I know how you feel. I am Sean Conroys beard and I get very little love.

  5. Ann says:

    Amber, here’s a thought for giving your last name to bartenders: make up an easier name. I used to go with a guy who had a very long, not-spelled-like-it-sounds, Italian last name. So whenever we called to make reservations, or had to give a name at a bar, we always used Clark or Simpson or something like that. Just be sure you can remember the name you used.

  6. Amber Kenny says:

    Ann- that’s a good idea for reservations, but this is for when I’m trying to close my tab and they need the name that is on my credit card

  7. Justin says:

    I read that Joe is a tall thin African American. <— I read it right there.

  8. you can never go wrong with whicker furniture.

  9. John TM says:

    Mad Max: Fury Road exceeded expectations, for sure. I appreciated how it transformed from a machismo-laced car culture story into one of female empowerment. Not to mention how beautiful it was, despite having been set in a desert wasteland.

  10. Al Burns says:

    The show is excellent this season. Joe makes everyone funnier. Sean, you should consider going on another podcast to promote The LoShoPo. I bet they’d love to have you on “You Talkin’ U2 To Me?”

  11. chris p. christopher says:

    pretty stoked about jamie’s wicker shelving unit!

  12. chris p. christopher says:

    wicker unit? but i hardly even know her?

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