Episode #410: The How Could You Not Know Who They Were Featuring Episode

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Long Shot pilgrims discuss TGI Fridays, witness badgering, shell fish, and cake miscommunications.


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  1. Goody says:

    Jaime, Clem Snide is pretty freaking awesome. My favorite album is “The Ghost of Fashion” it’s been in my rotation for around 10 years. If you’re on spOtify check out my playlists (goodyc2c)probably have bunch of stuff you’d like. Check out The Weakerthan – Fallow, it’s pretty old… they kind of remind me of a slightly more pop-y Clem Snide.

  2. Goody says:

    Almost forgot.


    Is that your bug? We got these things hauling ass around our walls at my place in the summer.

  3. Chris Hare says:

    I loved Jamie on this ep! [snarky comment redacted]. I completely agree that centipedes are demons. They give me the heebie jeebies, the collywobbles and, if truth be told, the willlies, as well. They are my Room 101.

    I love the Weakerthans, too, Goody. Can I check out your playlist?

  4. Alex says:


    The idea that the LAPD has been peaceful and humane in their crackdowns on Occupy LA is a false narrative constructed by the media. They act right when the cameras are on them, but behind the scenes they have done some pretty inhumane shit. Cops all over are doing the exact same thing, trying to look good on the news while they intimidate and assault out of view of the cameras. The cops are now full on foot soldiers of the 1%, the natural conclusion to what was started a decade ago following 9/11.

    The 1% are prepared for class warfare, but the thing is, the blue shirted cops are the 99%. The more the cops are forced to follow these immoral orders from their superiors, the more they sympathize with OWS. What happens if the cops stop following orders?


  5. Goody says:

    I’m not sure how it works I think you can just add my names in the previous post if that doesn’t work add @gmail to it? I just put stuff into playlist that I like, I haven’t put too much effort into making unique playlists just whole albums.

    Agree with the centi, milli creepyness too… I’m so manly I make my girlfriend remove these gross stinkbugs we keep getting down our chimney.

  6. Rashid says:

    “Hubba hubba, right dad?” is probably the most adorable thing that has ever been said on the podcast.

  7. admin says:

    Ooooh no, those are scary too though!

    Here’s a pic I took of the bug:


  8. admin says:

    I’ll definitely look into that album! I’ve been listening to what looks to be their more recent albums. Gonna find you on Spotify!

  9. LoganS says:

    Eddie mentioned David Feldman on the podcast, now he has to be a guest. It’s a rule. Somewhere in the rule book. Time to have him on, guys.

  10. Sean says:

    Guess who will be our guest next episode (we record, not next released)?

  11. Papa says:

    Benjamin Franklin?!!!

  12. Beelzebud says:

    I just want to know hat Eddie thinks of Adam Carolla’s anti-OWS rant.

  13. Al says:

    Maybe we can get a tasty podcast feud going?

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