Episode #643: The Huge Announcement Episode (Season Finale!)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

hugeannouncementThe Long Shot team discuss a bunch of things and also there is a huge announcement.






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  1. Adero says:

    As much as I love listening to Eddie on the show, I agree the show must go on. The three of you are amazing. I love your show.

  2. khd says:

    Another vote for Brother Wags!

  3. Waldo says:

    I’m so sad that I forgot to write Klondike.

  4. RinnyL says:

    Eddie NOOOOOOO!

    I know he hasn’t been there in a while but I seriously loved every time he came on…

    Just goes to show, everyone who drives a Honda Element thinks they are a big shot!

    Love the Long Shot… keep it coming!

  5. Mr. Vest says:

    Of course you need to keep on doing the show! Eddie’s great, but this is too good of a thing to kill.

  6. call me ishmael says:


  7. Chris says:

    The show must go on. Eddie certainly brought a unique frenetic energy to the show and I will sincerely miss the Al and Margaret bits, but I have loved the episodes without Eddied as well, and I would miss you guys if I didn’t get my regular doses through the ether.

    If you feel like you need a fourth person and can’t find the right chemistry with anyone else, I’d be happy to leave my wife and kids and move to LA to join the Long Shot ;-)

  8. Dieter says:

    C’mon !

  9. flatulatingfunnugget says:

    I want the show to go on but you need to find a fourth element. Eddie’s left a large hole but I’m sure you can find somebody to fill it.

  10. Ray says:

    Piggybacking on RinnyL’s comment: maybe Eddie should name his show ”The Big Shot Podcast”.

  11. Profundo says:

    I’ll really miss Eddie’s great interactions with Sean. That riffing was the heart of the show to me. It also allowed Jamie & Amber to really shine.

    But it’s been obvious for some time that while he is very talented, Eddie doesn’t sound like a very good friend. After the traveling to premiere his movie (a very understandable absence), his attitute was dismissive and condescending. He was getting more attention and it fed his egotism. He leaves behind the platform that truly elevated him because he has difficulty compromising. I think if he had maturely discussed his concerns with the group they would probably be willing to accommodate him. But as evidenced on the show numerous times; Eddie flies on the whims of ego and immediate gratification.

    However, any healthy living creatue is in a constant state of growth. We are always changing and part of that process is the occasional loss of old friends and old ways. I think the remaining triptych has much talent and charm and holds the capacity for humorous and interesting shows. The correct answer is obvious to the heart and I feel confident that you three already know that you wish to continue. It’s the sting of this paradigm shift that has left a mist of uncertainty. But if you are patient and calm the mist will clear and the right answer will become obvious.

  12. Profundo says:

    Addendum. I wanted to point out that my words for Eddie were not out of bitterness but from what I believe to be the truth. Of course I don’t know Eddie personally so my assesment is based on his words and action on the podcast. As I said, Eddie is supremely talented and I genuinely wish him well. I just think he could benefit from some honest conversations and a little self reflection.

  13. YESHINOBYE says:

    +1 for the Long Shot to stay around. I still like listening even if it’s just you three!

  14. Zagnut says:

    Would be devastated if the podcast ended; one of the top 5 on the air. Outstanding.

  15. Sabrina says:

    Ugh, fuck you Eddy! Why!?

    I think it’s been proven by now that the show is still amazing with just Sean, Amber, and Jamie, but it just won’t be the same without you. =( I hope you visit all the time!

    (I’m working on the assumption that the show is going to continue, because of course it is!)

  16. Longshot Fan says:

    This may come across negative, which I do not intend as a huge fan of the podcast, but given the “long shot” name, it makes some sense for Eddie to leave, given his recent purported success, and for the real long shots, beloved as they are to remain.

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