Episode #708: The Dong-Shun Episode featuring Wayne Federman

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Episode-708The Long Shot do-shus discuss elevators, books, ghettoblasters on handcarts, and, of course, Dong-Shun.


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  1. I was turned on to The Long Shot after hearing Eddie on my daughter-in-law’s and son’s podcast, “Totally Laime,” and have been a fan and faithful listener ever since. The four of you and now three were and are a perfect meld of normalcy gone off the rails. While I thoroughly enjoy all of your eccentricities, Jamie is definitely out there where the buses don’t run. He is the perfect conjoining of a putz, complete schmuck, and mensch. Here I sit having breakfast at the start of a normally excellent day in my ex-pat apartment in Tbilisi, The Republic of Georgia. How and why I am here is another story for another time. Suffice to say I made a wrong turn at Kansas City and things spiraled out of control. Thanks for the fun, and Jamie…WTF.

  2. Patrick says:

    That was pretty cruel, Malcolm.

  3. Tobias says:

    I agree with Malcolm. It’s got to be said.

  4. admin says:

    Shit, the potent cocktail of putz-schmuck-mensch!

    Must have been a doozy of an episode on my part to warrant that response.

    I’ll focus on the mensch part. And I take some measure of pride in being out where the buses don’t run.

    Still love ya, thanks for listening to the show!


  5. Todd Mason says:

    I’m certainly glad most of the nits were picked during the episode itself…such as “Maugham” (as in W. Somerset) indeed sounding a bit like a Bostonian’s “Mom” rather than moggem, or the realization that Henry James didn’t have to write MOLL FLANDERS, since Daniel Defoe had already done so. Women molesting teens…pretty queasy territory, and the differences between exploiting teen boys and girls are mostly in who gets pregnant rather than anything else. Persevere, folks…and, Jamie, I’m not sure why you’re a two sorts of Yiddish penis, as opposed to a guy who likes absurdist non-sequitur particularly when it drives your podcast-mate into a Bluto-like conniption, but enjoy the busless expanses. At least, I guess, you’re not a shtumie.

  6. Todd Mason says:

    And thanks for a fine program, no matter how few make it to a given recording session.

  7. Chris says:

    I looked up Gracie Allen (George Burns wife and comedy partner) but I don’t get the connection to anything on the podcast…
    Anyway, another good show. Good to have Sean back.

  8. Chris says:

    Klondike t-shirts?

  9. Dieter says:

    Oh no ! Someone said Klondike .

    It’s all coming back .

    Klondikeklondikeklondike KlondikeKLONDIKE …..

    Klondike !

  10. call me ishmael says:

    this episode top to bottom was my fav this year. all members were in fine form and wayne was the perfect guest. great rapport with the trio, really funny and playful and had great stories. loved the intro and perfectly set the tone for a really silly episode. I liked the divergent paths the podcast has taken since eddie’s departure but this episode had the feel of my favorite loshopo epps – happy goofy weirdness. and jaime’s zinger of the year (decade even?) went seemingly unnoticed. early in the episode sean says something about barging in and almost inaudibly jamie asks “is that a boat reference?” ZING

    I am confused about the jamie disses though. think about some of the funniest riffs, longest running jokes, best moments since podcast incept. newsreel bit, punch in the face to death, dog shoes, immacu (forget exactly what it’s called) among others. Jamie’s method of storytelling provides an immense amount of ammunition for the loshopo comedy cannon.

    jamie – i heartily disagree with the other commenters – eddies departure has brought your contributions more front and center (Amber too) and the space has been filled with zings, humor, pathos and even a side of gravitas.

    I’m a huge fan of ship novels (particularly aubrey/maturin series) so I second teh vote for a people poo poo ship novels shirt.

    Sean – ETA on next standup album? Loved pleasure is my business and can’t wait for a follow up. I’ll throw out a title suggestion “And business is good”

    As always love the show, not too keen on commenters who don’t understand it though. hoping ending a sentence with a preposition is allowed on message boards.

    till next time, keep your powder dry

  11. Patrick says:

    Wayne is 100% wrong about the “excited” part. Men can be raped – the body has a physiological reaction independent of the brain sometimes, especially during stress. That completely explains why he sees nothing wrong with an older woman abusing a minor.

    But it didn’t sound forceful. What then? We allow people in positions of power to take advantage of people below them if society thinks it’s totally sweet? It’s obviously wrong for a guard to have sex with an inmate, but somehow it’s not abusive if it’s a teacher and a student. Amber was completely right about there being occasions where the inappropriateness of sex comes from one of the participants not being ready. That in itself is damaging.

    I was a big fan of Wayne until the end. He just sucks.

  12. Amber Kenny says:

    You can disagree with someone and still be a fan. Wayne is great

  13. Johnathan Bakes says:

    ante-Auntie Em’s

  14. Elaine says:

    ooh, love the t-shirt ideas. love all of sean’s suggestions. i’d want a black one or dark grey one.

  15. B Dealio says:

    Still liking the LoShoPo, please keep going you all! It’s the one podcast I listen to every episode without fail. The guests you’ve had on the show lately have all been great. Amber is getting more confidence in her humor and it’s great. Agree with Patrick about the pedophilia part, Wayne man, your thoughts on this issue are a little backwards…really came out of left field there. You can tell Sean was just sitting there silently like “wtf is going on here”

  16. Yo Yo Ma says:

    Great Ep. Wayne should never ever ever ever talk about rape. Yuck. He’s wrong on so many levels.

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