Episode #719: The Only Checking In Episode

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Episode719The Long Shot crew discuss peppermills, Las Vegas, and realms of secretivity.


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Category: Podcasts, Season 7

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  1. Corn Cobb says:


  2. GD Kitty says:

    “No more whirlwind, folks”
    doing my Home Alone face

  3. reno california says:

    bed couch bed couch, couch bed couch bed…..the t-shirt!

  4. The New Guy says:

    Hey yo Jamie! So I was randomly listening to NPR today, and guess who’s coming out with a solo album?? Your boy Benmont Tench, check check check it out!!! I was dying laughing during the whole report, I would have not a fuckin clue who this guy was, were he not one of your musical inspirations…..call back bitches!!!

  5. Waldo says:

    When Amber was talking about garbage-boy, I was picturing him wearing a #foolishhat .

  6. Waldo says:

    Exciting news, you guys: you have recently overtaken The Nerf Longshot for the top spot in the Bing search results for ”longshot pod”. Congrats!

  7. Dieter says:

    good ep stop keep goin stop

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