Episode #727: The Diet Coke and Purple Coral Episode featuring Ian Edwards

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Episode727Ian Edwards (stand-up) joins The Long Shot gang to discuss Russian rivers, shirtless Bruce Lee, cold tofu, and face shattered by fruit.


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  1. JJ says:

    I’ve never done this before, but first!

    Also, as a New Englander and lover of historic houses I thought I’d let you know – I don’t think Hawthorne had a house in Newport. He had a house in Cocord, MA along with Emerson and Louisa May Alcott. He was born in Salem and I believe next to that house there’s the house that inspired the House of Seven Gables. Though I could be mistaken.

  2. Dieter says:

    Just started listening …

    … Wait ! What ???

    The Ugly-Daughter-Getting-Raped joke must be hilarious …

  3. jamflam says:

    JJ- I think you are right. We went to Salem as well on that trip, possibly even the same day?? In any case, I jumbled those up. Sorry, history!

  4. chip dogface says:

    shut up jj! i wanted 2 b first. :) ;) LOL

  5. Al Burns says:

    Here is the ugly daughter joke:


    The joke isn’t that an ugly girl is raped, but that Ian Edwards wants to have this pathetic daughter just because he has such a great fear of having a daughter that gets raped.

  6. Dieter says:

    Just watched it. Hilarious …

    (Way worse than I thought .)

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