The Pepitone Report: Live from Edinburgh Volume 3

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eddie gives his final report from The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


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  1. Derek Kaill says:

    The Brits like intelligent comedy and they like their Americans AMERICAN.

    Bill Hicks and Rich Hall did/do well there because they’re clever and because they’re recognizably from the states. Hicks and Hall both had/have southern accents and the gruffness and attire of wild west anti-heroes.

    Eddie’s stuff is super-smart and artful, and he’s got the irate New Yorker thing going.

    I KNEW he’d kill there. And I’m not surprised they want him to stay.

  2. GD Kitty says:

    Yay! Well, Eddie, I hope you’re (justifiably!) chuffed by your successful tour! You did it, man!
    So did you get an adapter?

  3. Derek Kaill says:

    Hey look! It’s Steven Feinartz, director of “The Bitter Buddha”, answering one of my Stupid Questions!!!

  4. Chloƫ says:

    No new Long Shot this week? :(

  5. Beelzebud says:

    Two Weeks: No new Longshot episode.

    Life: Not worth living anymore.

  6. Sean says:

    Hold fast.

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